Inkscape: sticker with folded edge tutorial

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  1. Nicu Says:

    Neat! I blogged about your tutorial too:

  2. ry Says:

    thanks for the comment, and blogging it mate! it is really appreciated!

    by the way, i think your fedora sticker is pretty good too… 😛

  3. @DI$ Says:

    I actually managed to create this myself using this guide! 😀

  4. ry Says:

    thanks for the comment @DI$, glad to be of some assisitance…


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  6. Molumen Says:

    Looks like your tutorial has inspired some people 🙂

  7. ry Says:

    wow they really did go a bit overboard with those things…


  8. ICDUI Says:

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  9. Dlinx Says:

    Hello, thank you for the tutorial I was loking for something like this, because I’m newbie on Inkscape but it’s amaizing. Thank you again

  10. ry Says:

    Hi Dlinx! thanks for stopping by, and leaving a nice comment!


  11. kenjiru Says:

    Nice, keep up the good work!

  12. ry Says:

    thanks kenjiru! its always nice when someone leaves a nice comment!


  13. aznhamzah Says:

    Great, I’ve made one , by following this guide

  14. Arnaud Says:

    Aaaaaarggghhhh, plz tutorial, again …. !!!!

  15. Doodee Says:

    Thanks for sharing

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  17. Jorge Says:

    I’m kind of new to inkscape, and I’m trying out this tutorial, but I get stock when I get to step 3.. I don’t get the desired image Path->Cut Path gives me something completely different

  18. Carlos Says:

    @Jorge: When you do the Path->CutPath, you get two selected transparent boxes, the shapes are there but you do not see them until you change the color.

  19. Quedepi Says:

    Wannafull! 😉
    Wonderful, i like it very much!

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  21. Harsh Says:

    This is a superb tutorial for Inkscape, I m a freelance web site designer and recently stepped in the world of Open Source, and its amazing.
    I learned a lot from your tutorials, its easy to understand and well written, thanks a lot for such ‘precious pearls’

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  23. claudio Says:

    Thank you mate!

  24. نيوكسيرو Says:

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  25. Evans Says:

    NICE tutorial, but the very last step is confusing. Everytime i Object>Clip>Set it deletes everything. What did i do wrong?

  26. RaiulBaztepo Says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  27. PiterKokoniz Says:

    Hi !! ^_^
    I am Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that I’v found your blog very interesting
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you!

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  31. rio2000 Says:

    saya ga bisa bisa pake inkscape nih 😦
    coba ada buku tutorial yg di jual di gramedia sebanyak buku tutorial corel draw

    saya ijin sebagai logo blog ya 😀

  32. Itharius Says:

    Nice tutorial, thanks!

  33. GonZoo Says:

    Cool, thanks

  34. ben Says:

    simple, and nice…. thanks

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  36. mafa Says:

    Very cool!! 🙂 🙂

  37. Samual Says:

    Great read, deff worth a subscription

  38. Bryan - After5PC Says:

    Do you have one for Photoshop? This would be great!

  39. kavita Says:

    I am not able to add test like your i.e. underneath the curve. Is it possible for you to add that part as well?

  40. WhyNotSmile Says:

    Great tutorial, thank you! I just found Inkscape yesterday, and am really impressed with what it can do, so trying out a few things to get to grips with it.

  41. ichie Says:

    thank for the tutorial, but i have some problem
    for the last step i can’t find the clip>set in the object menu
    i using inkscape version 0.43

  42. Says:

    I love this tut! After grasping the idea i’m gonna try and implement it! 🙂

  43. isthur Says:

    trim’s Mr Design

  44. isthur Says:

    Linux is Life

  45. zevonjunior Says:

    Excellent. Really helped me! Yeah!

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  47. jukka Says:

    Please tell me on part p1 6
    how to cut the blurred part so that the blur wont go outside the sticker part that is underneath the blur ?

  48. Barry Says:

    Phase 1, step3.. both objects blank out when I do this. I am using .47 of Inkscape.

  49. mzn Says:

    Super!!! 😉
    (L) Warszawa!!!

  50. q Says:

    argh… I can’t do the “Cut Path” thingy ;~;

  51. shityoucantremember Says:

    Great tutorial!

  52. rifqi Says:

    great tutorial, but how to cut your font to fit nicely with the dogear….

  53. Mark Says:

    Excellent! Very eye catching. Very Web 2.0

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  56. nila Says:

    absolutely wonderful tutorial. Thank you 10000 times. Wonderful.

  57. foniz Says:

    Thanks a lots.
    It’s simple. but very useful.

  58. fananan Says:


    Finally solved the prbolem how to make the outer shadows dissapear / hide. This was really bugging me!
    It was the clip -> set with the outlide object on top !!


  59. azwar Says:

    OK this information is great !!!

  60. sasa Says:

    thanks a lot . you guys are so great

  61. Bayu Purbaya Says:


    The Guide is Very Helpfull

  62. العاب Says:

    thank you for this great tutorial, it’s easy to do it yourself than pay someone money to do it for you.

  63. Update News Says:

    Nice, keep up the good work!

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  65. Joey Says:

    hi I really like your tutorial, I’m just having a bit of trouble with adding in the text I wonder if you could help me with that? thanks

  66. jeromy Says:

    will you marry me annie

  67. jeromy Says:

    hi annie you dont know me but i know you

  68. jeromy Says:


  69. Sun Says:

    Hi there,

    there is a mistake in the tutorial.
    I use the german version and the symbol of the ‘cut path’ didn’t
    help me anyway. So i’ve tried the other ones and in german it is
    called division. Else there are no two different areas and i can’t
    change color. There is only one left.

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  71. jegu Says:

    thanks for the tutorial. It’s easy to understand, and I can manage it.
    So really thank you Mr. Ryan.

  72. DAN Says:

    I cant get the paths cut….the objects just disappear:(

  73. metoo Says:

    I’m getting the same result as Dan, above. The latest version of Inkscape obviously doesn’t behave the way it used to a few years ago!

  74. metoo Says:

    Hmm, solved the earlier problem and nearly completed the tutorial, but sorry the step-by-step instructions don’t work.

    There are bits missing from the instructions, because if you follow them literally to the letter they don’t produce the right results

  75. Anne W Says:

    I’m not understanding the “blur” thing. I opened Fill and Stroke and figured out how to make the little black edge more transparent, but I cannot figure out how to make it blur into the sticker?

  76. Anne W Says:

    I just found information on creating blur that was helpful to me. Scroll down to read the post:

  77. Anne W Says:

    Okay. My apologies. I know a lot about Illustrator, but the documentation for the Inkscape is almost nonexistent so I’m struggling with finding tools, menus, etc. I totally missed that Blur and Transparency are at the bottom of the Stroke and Fill Window!!!! Now things are working for me just fine.

  78. musl1m Says:

    Brilliant tutorial, makes it really easy to create complex vectors in Inkscape, the one for creating the wooden effect was good as well, thanks a lot…

  79. dark_kid9 Says:

    cool tutorial

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  81. @dutchezjuma Says:

    Had fun doing this. Tks alot.

  82. Pelangi Says:

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  84. Kumarakom Says:


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  88. sureshraman Says:


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  90. jason lancaster Says:

    nice, it’s easy to do 🙂

  91. askvishal Says:

    Wow this is a impressive tutorial blog, I normally use gimp to design graphics, but recently started using inkscape and thanks to your tutorials I’m learning inkscape quickly, so thank you for this awesome site and keep up the good work 🙂

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